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Spalting Wood - our new baby!

Jacques Mizan

It has finally happened. We now own our very own woodland! We are thrilled. It is an ancient woodland in East Sussex and is packed with wonderful oaks, birch, sweet chestnut, sycamore, rowan and alder. At its heart is this absolutely awesome tree - we call it "big tree" - it must be centuries old and has a wonderful calming presence. So we plan to spend quite a bit of time there...I suspect my Spoon stock will build considerably! 

Spoonfest - yippee!

Jacques Mizan

I'm really thrilled - not just because I've finished a lovely hawthorne spoon ....I'm going to Spoonfest! My first ever! I rushed down to the local cafe to tap into their wifi just to be sure I would get a ticket. How exciting! Other exciting news is that we are looking around for our own tiny bit of woodland .to escape to ...all sorts of good things to come out of that. And my spoons are selling well...slow and steady but who wants to rush these things, eh? 

Spring forward ..

Jacques Mizan

I love it when I hear those words ...signalling the beginning of those lovely long days. And more time carving! I've just returned from a visit to family down under - tried some carving there with some dry wood. Yes...I managed to get a spoon done ...and it kind of worked but the process was nothing like working with green wood. Working dry wood was like walking through the desert compared with the lush oasis and palm springs of green wood. 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to have a mini-spoonfest right here beside my boat. I have discovered there are others here that carve - so I have set up an inaugural sesh of the local spooners. Hope to post some pics tomorrow. 

that's all for now ...