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My Products

Everything you see here is made just by me. I work exclusively with freshly felled locally sourced green wood. Everything is made by hand using axes, knives, and gouges. Final finish is with raw linseed oil only - no nut oil at all. 

In the spirit of true green woodwork, you will find that my products are not perfectly symmetrical nor do they have a sanded finish - what you will get is a one of a kind item, with sharp knife facets and - most importantly - something that is lovely to hold and beautifully functional.

Inspired by Water

Much of my work is done in the open air sitting on the banks of the River Lea in East London, beside my tiny little narrow boat. Hence the name - Crafted On Water. 

My inspiration comes in part from observing the work of others. I like my spoons to be functional whilst at the same time taking on a sculptural form. It is precisely this that makes me pick up yet another piece of wood - each one is a blank canvas. 

I am indebted to The Green Wood Guild  - Barn and Tom - who opened my eyes to this wonderful world. 


Earth-Friendly Practices

I work almost exclusively with green wood that has been felled locally or has come down in a storm. Off cuts feed our wood burner to keep us cosy on colder nights.


Stellar Culture and Products

In the world of spoon carvers, I am a child. I have been carving for just over 3 years now and continue to refine my skills. I have some great teachers. I only offer products that I would be happy to use - and I am a perfectionist!

Giving Back

I am working on this - with the intention being to offer some spoons to our favourite local charity shop.